Power Cases

This webpage is intended to provide a repository of publicly available, non-confidential power flow and/or transient stability cases. These cases are available in a variety of different formats, including PowerWorld Simulator (*.pwb, *.pwd, *.aux), Siemens PTI PSS/E (*.raw, *.dyr), and GE PSLF (*.epc, *.dyd).

All cases include a power flow.  Icons next to each case indicate whether additional parameters are included.  These are TS for transient stability, GMD for geomagnetic disturbance analysis, PWDS for PowerWorld Dynamic Studio scenarios and MOV if case movies are available.

If you would like to contribute additional cases, please email them to Prosper Panumpabi at panumpa1@illinois.edu in one of those formats; include a brief description of the case.

Synthetic Power Grid Test Cases

A list of papers describing how the synthetic models were created and can be reference is included here.

UIUC 150-Bus System
Illini 42 Tornado – TS GMD MOV PWDS
Texas 2000-June 2016

Literature-Based Power Flow Test Cases

Kundur Two-Area System
WSCC 9-Bus System
IEEE 14-Bus System
IEEE 24-Bus System
IEEE 30-Bus System
IEEE 39-Bus System
IEEE 57-Bus System
IEEE 118-Bus System
IEEE 300-Bus System
IEEE 96-RTS Test System

Small Signal Stability Test Cases

Three Machines Infinite Bus Benchmark System – TS
Brazilian Seven Bus System – TS
Two Area System – TS
New England IEEE 39-Bus System – TS
Simplified 14-Generator Australian Power System – TS
New England 68-Bus Test System – TS